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kids watch gps tracker,GPS+WIFI Phone watch PM01- PM01 Kids Watch GPS

Product name : kids watch gps tracker,GPS+WIFI Phone watch PM01
Category :  Personal GPS Tracker
Product No. : PM01 Kids Watch GPS
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PM01 Waterproof wrist watch gps tracking device for kids sos panic button gps kids tracker watch 

1. GPS+LBS dual positioning
The device supports both GPS and LBS dual positioning, GPS is mainly for outdoor positioning and LBS is manly for indoor position.
2. Geofence
After the geofence is setup, you will get alert notice when the kids are out of the range of the setup circle, which will secure the kids’ safety and keep you a peace of mind.
3. SOS call
With SOS button and two way voice function, the kids or seniors can press the SOS button for help and talk with the host when they are in emergency. 
4. Historical route
The device will keep a record of the historical route for three months, user can check the records on smartphone
5. Long standby time
The device will enter into dormancy stage automatically when no movement is detected.The standby time for the gadget is 2-3 days.


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